Woman Finds Mechanic Taking A Joyride In Her Indy 500 Camaro!


“I want to share an incident that happened to us on Friday. My husband took his car to get an oil change and to get his air conditioner checked out. My hubby’s car is an Indy 500 Chevy Camaro pace car. There’s only about 200 made in the USA. So when you see a Orange with white stripes camaro with Indy emblems speed by there’s a good chance it’s yours .He took it to MONTEBELLO Chevrolet. He dropped it off in the morning. At about 9:30, we were on our way to go eat lunch. As we waited at a signal, we saw a car speeding passed us. My husband said, “babe I think that was our car.” So we followed it. He was going so fast we couldn’t even catch up. Finally, a few blocks down, we see him pulling in to the drive through of a burger restaurant. As we approached the car, we realized it was in fact our car. I quickly grabbed my phone, began recording, jumped out of our truck and approached the driver. I told him, what the f$&@ are you doing with my car? He couldn’t even hear me because he was playing the music so loud with the windows down. As he lowered the music he said, “this is not your car.” I told him that it was and that I had just taken it to the dealer to get serviced. He then said, “I’m just taking it for a test drive.” I asked him if the test drive included going to get food in my car. He then said, “stop, you’re making me nervous.” And he began to go in reverse attempting back up out of the drive through. Mind you, he had already ordered his food and was just waiting to drive up to the window to pick it up. As he backed up, he scratches the rims on the concrete. I yelled at him to stop but all he did was put it back on drive and exit the drive through. He didn’t even get his food! So we immediately drove back to the dealer and asked to speak to a manager. Sure enough they tell us that the service manager was out that day and the service dispatcher would assist us. As we explained the situation all he could do was apologize. He then went to go call the general manager. This guy comes in to the office smirking and giggling as if it were a joke. I told him that it wasn’t f…ing funny. That it was a serious situation. Again, all he could do was apologize. Lesson learned… Do not take your car to get serviced at Montebello Chevrolet.” – Mari Agredano-Quirino, Car Owner