Tacoma Fast Food Workers Fired For Trading Burgers For Weed!


TACOMA, Wash. — Two employees at a Tacoma fast food restaurant have been fired for allegedly smoking hash oil at the drive through window in exchange for burgers and fries.

Jonah Tacoma, a known marijuana advocate, had a friend film the encounter as they went through the drive-through at Frugals on Pacific Avenue in April.

The video, which was later posted to Youtube, shows Tacoma offering up his pipe to two employees at the drive up window. In the video, two employees take hits from the pipe. A dab is concentrated form of marijuana, also known as hash oil or shatter.

“We were going through the drive-through and when we were done ordering, I offered to pay with a dab instead of cash,” said Tacoma. “She said, ‘Yeah, sure.’ We started filming when we pulled up.” Tacoma says the employees asked him to hold the video for at least a week if he was going to post it online. He held it for a month and posted it on YouTube May 11. It was only then did the employees get in trouble.