Florida Teen Who Threw 68-Year-Old Into Pool Got Arrested, Faces Serious Jail Time!


A boy who slammed a 68-year-old woman to the ground during a raucous pool party in Florida surrendered to police on Monday, according to local reports.

The 16-year-old was arrested on a battery charge after video showed him tossing the woman into a pool at the packed North Lauderdale party around 5 p.m. Saturday.

WSVN-TV identified the woman as Nancy James, and the teen suspect as Leon Balfour.

A viral video of the attack shows James, with two dogs in tow, confronting several teens in bathing suits, many of them mocking her and documenting her every move with their camera phones. She was trying to quiet the revelers due to noise complaints.

Balfour, in a red shirt, can be seen scooping James up and appearing to fall to the ground while tangled in her dog leashes. The scuffle scared off several spectators, whose flight briefly blocked the camera. During that time, the teen began dragging James toward the pool’s edge. He jumped in and brought James with him.

The assault left James bruised and drenched.