GRAPHIC: 18-Year-Old Teen Boiling Water On A Cat While Recording The Ordeal, Leon Teague!


Maximum Penalty For Leon Teague For Pouring Boiling Water On A Cat While Recording The Ordeal!

An 18-year-old Chicago is facing animal cruelty charges after police said they identified him as the person seen dumping a pan of scalding water onto a cat outside his home.

Leon Teague, of South King Drive, recorded a video of him pouring hot boiling water on an innocent cat and later posted the video on his facebook page.

Leon Teague, can be seen boiling the pot of water on a stove. He then tells someone off screen to “open the window.” A white and brown cat can is heard meowing and then is seen at the window. The cat is lured in and when it gets close enough he pours the boiling water over her body.

The splash of the boiling water hitting the cat and deck can be heard, and the cat cries out, racing around the deck. The man then tells the cat not to come back while the cat’s cries can be heard in the distance. The cat’s condition is not known, but it was not destroyed. In the video, the cat can be seen running off of the deck while screeching after being hit by the water.

In an effort to have this bastard jailed please join me in signing and sharing the petition and help me persuade the authorities to apply the maximum penalty for Leon Teague! Make sure his animal abusing days are over and demand full prosecution for this idiot!