TERRIBLE: Kid Kills Himself With Father’s Gun (Father Dare His Sons To Shot Himself)! [NSFW]


A Thai man decided to shoot himself after he had been arguing with his father.

At 02.00 am Pol.Lt.Col.Athikom Apichainukoolkit- inspector of NongPrue police station- was notified that a man had been shot in KruaBoonRod restaurant. After notification the police officers rushed to the scene.

At the scene the officers found Mr.Todsawat Boonrod aged 21 who was the son of Senior Sergeant Major.Todsawat Boonrod . He had sustained a gunshot wound to his neck, he was then sent to Bangkok-Pattaya hospital for treatment. The police then inspected the scene and found a bullet shell which they kept for evidence.

Also the restaurant had a bullet hole in the window. Police Senior Sergeant Major.Todsawat said that his son was playing games and he scolded him because he wouldn’t help his mom around the house.

Later he put his gun on the table and argued with his son before he ran over picked up his gun and shot himself. However, the police officers will investigate the incident in more detail to find the truth.


More update from news said the teen didn’t shot in the neck but at the ear , The bullet goes from his right ear and goes out the opposite side.

The teen was badly wounded and passed away at the Pattaya Hospital.