GRAPHIC VIDEO: Girl Gets Hit With A Log Slammed Down On Her Head, Then Punched In The Face In Brazil!


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Info that I’ve found so far seems to point to her having cheated on the guy wearing gray in the video, or she did something wrong in the hood. If she cheated, she may have done so, at least partially, via the cell phone on her head.

One source say the following dialogue takes place in the video:

“You failed with us that’s what you get.”

When they see that she’s rolling her eyes, they start saying “Stand up,” “We’re even,” “C’mon, help her up.”

One of them says, “Not like this,” “Check if there’s something on her mouth,” “Calm down,” “We’re even. It’s over,” “We’re chill. Breathe,” “Get up so we can leave.”

Cameraman says near the end, “The dude hit his girlfriend”.

Last few things the guy in shorts says are “Help us get her up and stop filming. This was not needed.”

Telling her, “Spit the blood out because the punishment has already passed.”

Source says she died. Still trying to verify this.