TERRIFYING: 4 Guinean Men Stoned & Killed Outside Of Jail *Graphic*! [NSFW]


Kouroussa four defendants awaiting trial, brutally killed by an angry mob
Four (04) accused persons awaiting trial were extracted by an angry mob, Sunday, November 29, 2015, civil Kourrousa prison before being brutally killed the same day by it, said a statement from the Guinean government .
Here is the content of this announcement transmitted by our editorial cell communication of government:
The morning of Sunday, November 29, 2015, some citizens of the city of Kouroussa went to the Kouroussa civil prison to extract defendants to lynch them. Given the very dense and violent crowd, prison officers on duty were unable to prevent the extraction of 4 defendants awaiting trial. The four defendants were then brutally killed by mobs.
The Government strongly condemns these murders and recalls that no one has the right to justice regardless crimes and crimes concerned. The Ministry for Justice reaffirms the strong commitment of President of the Republic to build a rule of law in Guinea. Therefore, this behavior of another age questioning the authority of the state and the fundamental values ​​of the rule of law will not be tolerated.
Accordingly, all measures are already taken to ensure that the perpetrators are prosecuted and punished. Force must remain the law