HORRIFYING: Lynch Mob Beats Woman To Death & Sets Fire to Body For Burning Quran In Kabul, Afghanistan! [NSFW]


Here’s another postcard from the religion of peace. Reports are coming out of Kabul in Afghanistan that a woman was accused of burning pages in the Koran, and in response she was beaten to death by a bloodthirsty crowd. Then her corpse was torched. And just in case that’s not disgusting enough for you, some are saying she was mentally ill.

A woman in Kabul was beaten to death, her body burned, by a vicious mob after she light on fire a copy of the Koran near a mosque in Afghanistan’s capital, according to local reports. The crowd of dozens moved in and killed the woman after the incident Thursday near the Shah-e Doh Shamshira shrine, witnesses told Radio Free Afghanistan.

Disturbing video of the incident shows the angry mob beat the woman with fists, kicks, sticks and bricks – at one point even dropping her from a roof – until she stopped moving. Her body was burned by the vigilantes and later thrown into the Kabul River, General Farid Afzali told Agence France-Presse. “We were watching this incident. She burned the Koran,” one eyewitness told Radio Free Afghanistan.“A lot of people gathered around the spot,” he added. “They burned her.”